KPMG Switzerland reactivated its alumni program in August 2015 as a way to maintain links with former employees and actively manage our very broad and interesting network. The alumni community responded enthusiastically, growing rapidly to over 3,500 members today. The feedback we have received (see some examples below) motivates us in our efforts and encourages us to keep going as we nurture and foster our alumni community.

For our members, the program is not just a chance to meet annually at alumni events in Zurich or western Switzerland; we offer a host of additional benefits such as our bimonthly Alumni News with fascinating interviews and a peep behind the scenes at KPMG as well as activities and offers designed with you in mind. We have also set up social media groups on LinkedIn and Xing to facilitate informed and dynamic discussion within our community.

  • Brilliant platform.

  • I met lots of “old friends” As one of my colleagues remarked, it almost felt like a “homecoming”.

  • I admire your efforts to foster the KPMG spirit. You get the feeling of “still belonging”.

  • You're doing a fantastic job - thank you.

In our digital age, it's still ultimately us as humans that make the difference.

Stefan Pfister, CEO KPMG Schweiz

Simone Glarner

Simone Glarner
Head Alumni Relations

Andrea Schneiter

Andrea Schneiter
Support Alumni Relations